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KechPainting photo studio : light painting at Kech Lab Marrakech

Kech painting is a photo studio in Marrakech using the light painting technics to create unique and artistic pictures

What is light painting ?

I discovered light painting as an amateur in 2013 when I saw it first demonstrated at the cinema Palace by an artistic crew. Since then I’ve light painted all my friends countless times. It’s a great way to get original pictures with very simple lights, come and try!




Pictures are everywhere, but how many are really amazing? The worst example for me is the “duck face” selfie

KechPainting is a new genre is photo studios for lithg painting, at the smartphone age when anyone can be a photograph, we can give the picture a little more epicness without any Photoshop effect or filter.
 The possibilities of light painting are infinite and this is why I am so passionated about this technic, each light has it’s “caracter” this another layer of art on top of portrait making.

See you in our  studio in Marrakech Kech Lab!

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